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"MEN are often forgotten about and many don’t believe that this is a men’s issue…I often speak of the man’s role in a crisis pregnancy situation and while I, many times, have a differing opinion from others…No one can deny the truth that conception requires involvement from a MAN and a woman.

So why are we so quick, as a society, to ignore the rights of a man just because he is not going to physically deliver the child?

Last night I did an event in Missouri and I acknowledged the men in the room like I usually do…and I realized that it is so common for us, as women, to want a man to be involved in our lives, respect us, advocate for us, care about our wellbeing, etc and yet we don’t want to respect their rights and their “choices” in a basic choice that involves fatherhood. We label men as the ones that want out and are absent from a family and yet, when they want to involved and be considered in THE decision that involves creating a family; we brush their rights , feelings and decisions aside because it’s “not their body.”

Does this make sense to you? I full heartedly believe that women deserve respect, love and the ability to make decisions equally to men…I am an advocate for women…But how can we expect men to treat us equally when we deny their equality to us??

Think about it.”

- Claire Culwell

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